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EPS Maps - Vector Quality Maps for Graphic Design!

MapResources has the largest collection of maps in EPS and Adobe Illustrator format available anywhere!  Maps of the World, USA, states, continents, countries, and cities are available for immediate download.

Our EPS format (.eps) maps are best when you need to use one of our maps "as-is" and need the highest quality vector map print resolution. EPS map format provides you with an amazing amount of detail at the highest resolution possible. 

If you need features in layers (for easy editing of colors, lines, and fonts to match your design specifications) choose our maps in Adobe Illustrator (.Ai) format.

You can instantly use the maps in your work, to meet you exact design needs for any project in print, web, video, or other graphic design media.

Choose the Vector format best for you:

• Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) Format:

Vector Graphics, with All Features on a Single Layer, or ...

Adobe Illustrator (.Ai) Format

Vector Features in Layers for Easy Editing of colors, lines, and fonts!


Need to edit your map?

Consider our layered, editable, Adobe Illustrator (.Ai) Format maps!

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Download a sample map to explore the editing features.

EPS maps for Vector Quality Maps.

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How does an EPS map work?

EPS map format gives you a design edge for your brochures, publications, and other graphic design projects. What's more, these easy-to-use digital vector maps give you the ultimate flexibility in creating exactly the right geographic image. Show specific states or cities. Portray specific landscape features such as mountain ranges or lakes in travel brochures. The possibilities are unlimited with high quality, editable EPS clipart maps from Map Resources

You can "Place" or "Insert" these EPS files into documents created in a variety of page layout and other design applications including Macintosh and Windows versions of MS Word, InDesign, etc.

Easy-to-use vector maps can give your clip art, brochures, graphic design materials, and other publications both credibility and a professional edge. Whether you want to include a view of the globe or focus on specific areas like Canada, Europe, or the United States, vector maps give you the digital, editable material that can help make your publications great.

What if you need a digital clip art map that shows roads, rivers, city locations, borders, and other detail? We carry a variety of choices that will show you what you want to see and use, whether from the perspective of the entire globe, or as specific as countries, states of the United States, and cities. You can use your graphic design or page layout software to scale and crop the images, creating backgrounds, high-impact graphics, and clip art that you can use repeatedly.

Why use Map Resources?

Vector maps are high quality, accurate and up-to-date. And there are editable, digital images from all parts of the world. You'll find clip art of Europe, including France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and major cities. You'll also find clip art of North America, including Canada and the United States, as well as South America, Africa, and Asia.


About EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) Vector Format Maps

All our EPS maps are vector format files, with all areas, lines, and text set to print as-is at the highest print quality. All features are on a single layer.

You can "Place" or "Insert" these EPS files into documents created in a wide variety of page layout and other design applications including Microsoft Word, InDesign, etc. All maps are compatible with Macintosh and Windows. (Note: EPS files are created from and compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher.)

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