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World Black & White Blank Outline Map - Circular Projection


Prices include Standard Royalty-Free License perfect for most needs. Multi Seat and Extended Use Licences also available.
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  • Frame
    Major Lakes
    Continent Objects
    Ocean Fill

World Black & White Blank Outline Map - Circular Projection

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About This Map

Shows the entire world, without internal borders.

Use this map as-is, or add your own color.

Perfect for simple presentations or reports.
  • Dimensions: About 7.5 x 7.75 in (19 x 20 cm)
  • Features: No Cities, No Roads
  • Map Shape: Globe and Circle
  • Size: Full Page
  • Royalty-Free License Options

    Standard License - Royalty-Free (Single Seat) License

    Our standard license, which you get when you purchase a map from our web site - is a Royalty-Free License.

    When you purchase a map from our web site you automatically purchase and agree to this Royalty-Free License. There is no need to submit any additional license forms or fees.

    The Royalty-Free license allows you to use the maps in:

    • Print media, including text books, newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, directories.

    • Digital media, including digital documents, presentations, proposals, reports, proposals, etc.

    • Advertising and promotional materials, including brochures, ads, product packaging, book covers, and other printed collateral materials.

    • Websites, as long as the map is not the primary content of the web page, or used primarily for attracting internet traffic or advertising.

    • Products for resale, as long as the map is not a primary element of the product.

    View the full Royalty-Free License or Download a PDF.

    The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals, and no production limits, to a single user or single agency client. If you need a license for more than one user, please see our Multi Seat Royalty-Free License.

    The Royalty-Free License permits only a signle user. If you want multiple users, you need to purchase a Multi Seat Royalty-Free License.

    If you are licensing the maps for a company or organization, you may not use them for personal use or for a second company or organization. If you are a designer or agency, you may not use the maps for more than one client.

    The license does not allow you to use the maps in:

    • resale products where the map is a primary element such as an atlas, prints, posters, bulletin boards, whiteboards, puzzles, or any other product where the map is prominent and other elements are incidental.

    • electronic products and services, such as software applications, hand-held devices, news services, phone networks. 
    • Broadcast, theatrical and video productions. 
    • items produced in in an demand system, such as posters, prints, map wallpaper, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, engraving templates, templates for website designs.

    For these uses we offer Extended Use Licenses that are simple and affordable.

    Multi-Seat Royalty-Free License

    The Multi-Seat Royalty Free License permits multiple users to access and work with the maps. Multi Seat licenses can be purchased for groups ranging from 2 to an unlimited number of users.

    Users must all be in one organization or work group.

    View the Multi Seat RF License in HTML or Download as a PDF. Please call 800-334-4291 or email us for more info.

    Multi-Seat Licenses include the same useage rights, for each user, as the Single Seat Royalty Free License.

    Multi Seat License fees are based on the retail price of the map being licensed.  To determine the license fee for any product, find the retail price in the left column, then scan the appropriate column for the Multi-Seat license fee.
    (Note: the license fee shown is in addition to the map purchase price. For example a
    2-10 User Multi-Seat License for a map costing $99.95 is $90; so the total for the map and extended license is $189.95)

    Ordering a Multi-Seat License

    To order a license, download the Multi-Seat License Order Form, indicate the product and the number of seats you want, and Email or FAX to 609-751-9378.


      Multi-Seat License Prices
    Map Retail Price
    (for Standard Single-Seat License)
    Over 50

     Under $50 $40 $90 $140
     $50 to $100 $90 $190 $290
     $100 to $200 $190 $390 $590
     $200 to $300 $290 $590 $890
     $300 to $400 $390 $790 $1,190
     $400 to $500 $490 $990 $1,490
     Over $500 $790 $1,590 $2,390

    Ordering a License

    To order an Multi Seat License, download the Multi Seat License Order Form.
    Send the completed form to or FAX to 609-751-9378.
    We will return a copy of the completed license for your records.

    If you have any questions please call 800-334-4291 or email

    Extended Use License

    For projects that exceed the limits of our standard RF license, we offer Extended licenses with reasonable licensing fees and a simple purchasing process.  These licenses are granted on a perpetual basis, with a one-time fee, no renewals required, and no production or distribution limits. View the Map Extended Use License or Download a PDF. Also see License Pricing.


    Extended Use License Options   

    Electronic/Broadcast Use

    Permits a maps to be used in an electronic product or service, software program, app, e-book, online curriculum, hand-held device, news service, phone network, and broadcast production, including TV, movie, theatrical and video production.

    Resale Product Use

    Permits a map to be used in a resale product where the map is a primary element such as an atlas, print, poster, bulletin board, whiteboard, puzzle, or any other product where the map is prominent and other elements are incidental. Note: If the map is an incidental element of a resale product, an Extended License is not required.

    Print-On-Demand Use

    Permits a map to be used on items that will be produced using an on demand system, such as posters, prints, map wallpaper, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, engraving templates, etc. Also can be used for electronic services offering templates for website designs, flash designs, business cards, greeting cards, etc.


    Single Map Product - Extended Use License Pricing

    To order a license for any single map product (not a collection) simply find the retail price bracket below, click on the license price.  Then add it to your shopping cart.  Or, you can download the Extended License Order Form and Email or FAX to 609-751-9378.

     Single Map Retail Price
    Print on
     Under $50 $100 $100 $120
     $50 to $100 $140 $140 $180
     $100 to $200 $220 $220 $280
     $200 to $300 $300 $300 $330
     $300 to $400 $350 $350 $380
     $400 to $500 $400 $400 $450
     $500 to $700 $600 $600 $675
     $700 to $900 $750 $750 $850
     Over $900 $850 $850 $950


    Map Collection - Extended Use License Pricing

    To order a license for any Map Collection, simply use the "License Options" pull down menu on the collection page to select the license you need.  Then click "Add to Cart" to add both the collection and license upgrade to your shopping cart.


    Select Extended License


    To Order an Extended Use License using a Purchase Order

    If you need to order off-line you can download the Extended License Order Form and Email or FAX to 609-751-9378.


    Adobe Illustrator Format Vector Maps

    All our ".Ai" (Adobe Illustrator Format) maps are delivered as layered and fully editable Adobe Illustrator vector format files. 

    You will need Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or later) to open and edit these maps. Our maps are saved in Adobe Illustrator CS3 file format, and are fully compatible with versions CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6 for either Macintosh or Windows.

    All features on our Illustrator digital maps are fully editable:

    All Map Areas - such as countries, states, counties, etc are closed vector objects so you can add or change the color fills

    All Lines - such as highways and rivers, are fully editable 

    All Text - such as place names, state names, etc are fully editable font text (not outlines) so you can easily change the size, color, style, etc.

    Vector Format - because our maps are vector graphics (not images), they can be scaled to any size and will print at the highest resolution.   

    Layered - All features are in layers, so you can easily turn features on and off: see the Feature/Layer list for each map.

     Compatible - with a wide variety of Adobe products, including any version of Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, InDesign, Flash, etc.


    Download a Free Sample in Adobe Illustrator Format:
        You can download fully functional samples in Adobe Illustrator format.

    View our Free Map Illustrator Training Videos:
         To see how our Adobe Illustrator files work, see the instructional design videos on our Map Design Tips page. 

    Layered for Easy Editability:
    You can use the editing tools in Adobe Illustrator to easily select and modify text, line, and area features. For example, you could select an entire layer of area objects, line features, or text - and quickly change their color, line weight, or font. 

    Note on Adobe Reader and Acrobat:
         These files cannot be edited with Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you do not have Illustrator, please consider our PowerPoint Maps

    Call us at 800-334-4291 or email us with any questions.

    About EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) Vector Format Maps 

    Map Resources EPS maps are vector format files, with all areas, lines, and text set to print as-is at the highest print quality.

    You can resize EPS maps larger or smaller and retain high resolution.


    All features are on a single layer.  If you need editable features in Layers, choose Adobe Illustrator (.Ai) format.

    You can "Place" or "Insert" these EPS files into documents created in a wide variety of page layout and other design applications including Microsoft Word, InDesign, etc. All maps are compatible with Macintosh and Windows. (Note: EPS files are created from and compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher.) 

    Call us at 800-334-4291 or email us with any questions. 

    About JPEG Format Maps 

    All our JPEG format maps are 300 dpi, CMYK color images. This "high resolution" file will give professional quality results for printing, and can be easily down-sized in Photoshop to lower resolutions for use on web sites. 

    JPEG format maps have the advantage of being very easy to crop, and collage with other photo images.

    JPEG format maps can be opened using Adobe Photoshop, as well as using many simpler and low-cost or free image viewers such as Preview, Paint, and software distributed with digital cameras. All maps are compatible with Macintosh and Windows.

    About PowerPoint Format Maps 

    All our PowerPoint maps are provided as PowerPoint slides, compatible with Macintosh or Windows. 

    Areas are drawn as objects so you can change the fill colors using the color fill tool in PowerPoint. 

    Call us at 800-334-4291 or email us with any questions