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Norway City Maps in Adobe Illustrator Format

Our expert cartographic staff can create a map of any city, town or rural area in Norway. Tell us the features you want, and we deliver your map on-time and on-budget.


Accurate, Affordable and Fast!

Maps show an entire city, town, or rural area with: highways, local streets, town areas, railroads, airports, lakes, and rivers, parks, golf courses, etc. See Map Resources Custom Maps to review detailed feature options & download sample maps. 

Every city map we make is a vector format, layered and fully editable Adobe Illustrator file.  This means:

  • Your map is ready for high-resolution print
  • You can change the color of every area fill
  • You can change the color and weight of every line stroke
  • All text is fully editable font text (not outlines)

City maps cost $250 and up, depending on the area and features needed. Discounts are available when you purchase 3 or more city maps.

Maps are delivered electronically in 2-5 business days.


Why Our Maps are the Best!

We license high quality NAVTEQ / HERE® street data to produce our custom city and town area maps, so you can be confident that your map will be accurate and up-to-date. Other companies use free US Census bureau maps, which are notoriously out of date, with many missing streets and incorrect street names.


Norway City / Town Area Maps

Ål Map
Ålesund Map
Alta Map
&ArAring;ndalsnes Map
Andenes Map
Arendal Map
Årnes Map
Årøysund Map
Ås Map
Åsgårdstrand Map
Askim Map
Askøy Map
Auli Map
Aurskog Map
Båtsfjord Map
Bergen Map
Birkeland Map
Bjørkelangen Map
Bjørnevatn Map
Blakstad Map
Bø Map
Bodø Map
Brattvåg Map
Brekstad Map
Brønnøysund Map
Brumunddal Map
Bryne Map
Dokka Map
Drammen Map
Drøbak Map
Egersund Map
Elverum Map
Espeland Map
Evjen Map
Fagerstrand Map
Farsund Map
Fauske Map
Fetsund Map
Fevik Map
Finnsnes Map
Flateby Map
Flekkefjord Map
Florø Map
Førde Map
Geilo Map
Gjerdrum Map
Gjøvik Map
Gol Map
Grimstad Map
Gullhaug Map
Halden Map
Hamar Map
Hammerfest Map
Hareid Map
Harstad Map
Hauge Map
Haugesund Map
Hauknes Map
Hemsedal Map
Holmestrand Map
Hommelvik Map
Hommersåk Map
Hønefoss Map
Honningsvåg Map
Horten Map
Hov Map
Høyanger Map
Hylkje Map
Indre Arna Map
Jessheim Map
Jevnaker Map
Jørpeland Map
Karasjok Map
Karlshus Map
Kirkenes Map
Klofta Map
Knarrviki Map
Kongsberg Map
Kongsvinger Map
Kopervik Map
Kragerø Map
Kristiansand Map
Kristiansund Map
Kyrksæterøra Map
Lakselv Map
Larvik Map
Leirvik Map
Lervik Map
Levanger Map
Liknes Map
Lillehammer Map
Lillesand Map
Lillestrøm Map
Løding Map
Lødingen Map
Løpsmarka Map
Løten Map
Lyngdal Map
Måløy Map
Malvik Map

Mandal Map
Maura Map
Melbu Map
Melhus Map
Mo i Rana Map
Moelv Map
Molde Map
Mosjøen Map
Moss Map
Myre Map
Mysen Map
Nærbø Map
Namsos Map
Narvik Map
Nesbyen Map
Nesoddtangen Map
Nodeland Map
Nordfjordeid Map
Nordkapp Map
Norheimsund Map
Notodden Map
Odda Map
Oppdal Map
Ørsta Map
Oslo Map
Øvre Årdal Map
Råholt Map
Rakkestad Map
Raufoss Map
Reinsvik Map
Rena Map
Risør Map
Rjukan Map
Rognan Map
Røros Map
Rørvik Map
Rotnes Map
Røyken Map
Ryggebyen Map
Sætermoen Map
Sætre Map
Sagvåg Map
Sandane Map
Sandefjord Map
Sandnessjøen Map
Sauda Map
Selvik Map
Sem Map
Skarnes Map
Ski Map
Skjeberg Map
Skjervøy Map
Skogn Map
Skudeneshavn Map
Skui Map
Søgne Map
Sortland Map
Sørumsand Map
Spetalen Map
Spydeberg Map
Stange Map
Stavanger Map
Stavern Map
Steinkjer Map
Stjørdalshalsen Map
Stokke Map
Stokmarknes Map
Stranda Map
Stryn Map
Sunndalsøra Map
Svelvik Map
Svolvær Map
Tananger Map
Tau Map
Tjøme Map
Tofte Map
Tønsberg Map
Tranby Map
Tromsø Map
Trondheim Map
Trysil Map
Tvedestrand Map
Tynset Map
Ulefoss Map
Ulsteinvik Map
Vadsø Map
Vanse Map
Vardø Map
Varhaug Map
Vennesla Map
Verdalsøra Map
Vestby Map
Vestnes Map
Vikersund Map
Vinstra Map
Volda Map
Vossevangen Map
Ytre Arna Map
Ytre Skålevik Map
Ytrebygda Map

Or any other area you choose!


Download a Free Sample:

View a Video:


Download Sample Local Street Map
in Adobe Illustrator vector file format.

View a short video on using our
city maps in Adobe Illustrator



Contact Us to Discuss Your Map Options

Please email us and include the country and city or town name(s) describing the area you need, and how best to contact you, and we will get back to your with a quote ASAP.

For a sample download and more information please see our page on Map Resources Custom Maps.

Custom maps are available in two standard styles: one showing ALL local streets for a smaller area, and one showing just major roads for a larger area.


Local Street Maps

Local Street Maps show major roads and all local streets and street names. Also included, as appropriate, are a variety of features including: parks, airports, golf courses, sports centers, shopping centers, city areas, political boundaries, university campuses, cemeteries, hospitals, railroads, lakes and rivers. Maps are delivered in a standard cartographic style of colors and fonts, but are fully editable.

We can also make a street name index, listing every street name and its location on the map, for example "Main St ... G4".

Review detailed information and download a sample map in Adobe Illustrator format at our City with Local Streets info page.


Arterial Road Maps

Arterial road network maps show larger areas with major roads and, as appropriate features including: parks, airports, golf courses, sports centers, shopping centers, city areas, political boundaries, university campuses, cemeteries, hospitals, railroads, lakes and rivers. Local streets are not shown. Maps are delivered in a standard cartographic style of colors and fonts, but are fully editable.

Review detailed information and download a map in Adobe Illustrator format at our City with Arterial Roads info page.



Custom Maps are Affordable and Fast!

Our custom maps start at $250.

Maps delivered electronically in 2-5 business days.


About Map Resources

Map Resources has been supplying fine quality maps for graphic design since 1986. Over 30,000 designers, ad agencies, government agencies, and corporations use Map Resources. We pioneered the use of layers in design, creating vector images that users can edit quickly and easily.


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