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Easy-to-use editable vector maps can give your brochures, graphic design materials and other publications both credibility and a professional edge.

And because all our maps are available as Adobe Illustrator format maps, you can download and instantly use them in your work as-is, or modify them to meet you exact design specifications for any project in print, web, video, or any other media you produce using Adobe Illustrator.


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Whether you want to include a world map or global view, focus on continent maps like Europe, South America, or North America, just the USA, or narrow the focus further to a specific country such as France, Germany, or Spain, vector maps give you the digital, editable image that can help put your publications "on the map."


How do vector maps work?

Say you wanted to include a map in a publication or web site. You could take the time to create clip art or a graphic picture of the area with your existing vector editing tools or use geographic images from other sources and risk copyright or royalty penalties. But a much easier way to include these images is to use digital, editable vector maps from Map Resources.

Vector maps from Map Resources are royalty-free. In addition to editing in Adobe Illustrator, your Illustrator map can also be imported into programs like InDesign for print, or Dreamweaver and Fireworks to make maps for web design.


Why use Map Resources?

The editable maps available from Map Resources are high quality, accurate, and up-to-date. You'll find digital maps of the USA and Europe, including most major cities. You'll also find maps of every continent including North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.


Choose your world view

At Map Resources, you can choose images comprised of countless views of the world. You can choose globe maps that focus on Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America. CD collections provide a huge range of digital images for creating clip art and specific views. Because the information in the files is available in layers, you can choose what information to show in your images.

If you want to show cities or counties in a state of the USA, or geographical features in countries like Sweden and Norway, simply choose to include the digital layer that shows that information. You can select a map that provides specialized information about terrain relief features of Europe or Africa, for example, or political features of the USA or specific countries in Asia.


"Your website and service are great! My designers are excited to know that there's such a convenient way to get a map that's flexible enough for our needs. I've also mentioned it to our art buyer, and we're all happy we know about your service now."

— Jason Keehn
G2 Worldwide Brand Development and Design