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Finding quality digital globe clipart when you need it isn't always easy, unless you come to Map Resources. Now, through Map Resources, you can obtain a wide range of editable globe clipart in an instant. Whether you're a graphic artist, a business professional, or an educator, you can use our digital globe clipart to make a great impression.


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Our editable globe clipart is a fully editable, layered Adobe Illustrator digital vector format file. You can save the globe clipart output as EPS maps. That means that users of Adobe Illustrator, or similar vector applications, can easily edit the layers of the stock maps to customize the geographical images on the globe. Simply use the layers feature to modify the continental land mass as a single object, or the features in separate layers. Turn feature layers of our vector maps on or off with a click of the mouse for quick editing. Each Adobe Illustrator map of a global region lets you customize color fills, text style, and line work. You can even add your own information and artwork, and rescale our quality digital maps without losing image quality.

If you are a designer who wants to create your own unique digital map, you can quickly modify the images since they are made up of separate layers. If you're not interested in redesigning images, the maps are colorful, informative and exciting and can add a creative flair to any presentation or project.

Map Resources has been supplying fine quality digital maps for graphic designers since 1986. Over 30,000 designers, ad agencies, government agencies, and corporations use Map Resources maps. We pioneered the use of layers in map design, creating vector maps that users can edit quickly and easily. We update our map collections continuously, so you can be confident you are using accurate and up-to-date images.

Map Resources offers multi-layer map clip art editable for print, multimedia and Web graphics applications. We have map clip art for anywhere including cities, states, countries and continents. Our maps are functional with both Macintosh and Windows, plus is available in Adobe Illustrator vector formats. Download a sample map today, and test it out on your own system.

Map Resources maps are royalty-free. This means once you purchase an image, you have a license to use that image for any promotional or advertising materials such as print or web collateral, ads, posters, packaging etc., without paying any additional royalty or licensing fees. Our Royalty-free Standard License is designed to meet the general needs of graphics and publishing professionals.