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Did You Know that Maps Are Popular Movie & TV Props?

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

It's true.  Hardly a week goes by when a set designer or producer doesn't contact Map Resources looking for a map they need for a scene. 

Sometimes the map is just a general background graphic, but often it is well integrated into the plot.  Designers specify exactly what towns, streets, rivers they want to show.  Hey, that river might be where the body is dumped!

It's easy to see why they come to Map Resources.  Besides the great stock supply of maps we have for immediate download, we can also make custom maps within a few days. 

Plus our Extended Use License allows for unlimited broadcast, and use of the maps in any type of spin-off production. 

And we provide a quick turnaround when corporate releases need a signature at no extra charge.

A huge range of productions use Map Resources.... cop shows, mysteries, legal dramas, news, documentaries, even Jeopardy. 

Check them out on our Pinterest Board.




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