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Sample Maps - for PowerPoint and Keynote

Map Resources PowerPoint format maps are editable PPT files that allow you to create compelling graphics for your presentations.  They can be opened and edited in any recent version of PowerPoint or Keynote.

The best way to see how the PPT maps work is to download a sample and try it yourself.  Edit the map, then bring it into a presentation and see how it looks.

PowerPoint Sample Maps
With Map Resources PPT maps, we make it as easy as possible to add compelling graphics to your presentations.
Each area (country, state, county) is an object you can select and change color, size, etc.  All text is editable font you can change size, etc. 
You can add stars, banners, charts or other elements to enhance your presentation.



See All our PowerPoint maps:



(each country
an object)


(each state
an object)

US States

(each county
an object)


(each country
an object)


(each country
an object)



$99 Each!

All 50 States

World & Continents


Easy to Purchase and Use PowerPoint Maps

    • Maps work with any recent version of PowerPoint or Keynote
    • You can buy maps individually, or in collections
    • Prices range from $9.95 for a single map to $99 for a complete collection
    • Collections give you consistent map appearance for professional looking presentations
    • Download maps immediately after purchase
    • Royalty-free license with every purchase
    • 30 day Money Back Guarantee!
    • Multi-seat License available for larger work groups!


        Using Adobe Illustrator Maps in PowerPoint and Keynote

        You can also insert our Adobe Illustrator format maps into PowerPoint and Keynote slides like any other photo or clip-art illustration.  
        Simply drag and drop into Keynote, or in PowerPoint use the menu command Insert > Photo > Picture From File - and Enable: All Files.  Then choose the map file and it will appear in your slide.  
        You can then change the size and position of the map, but cannot alter any of the colors, lines, or fonts.