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Editing Vector Maps Series - Part 3, Customizing Text

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

The text on a map plays an extremely important role in the effectiveness of the map.  Place labels help orient the viewer to important locations and spatial relationships. But too much text, or text that is too small can make a map unreadable.  And the choice of font is always important to designers.

Map Resources maps give users total control over the text that appears on the map.  And the control can govern an entire layer of place names, or zero in on just one label. Users can edit font, size, style of text. 

You and also use the text tool to annotate the map with your own text, This is helpful if you want to focus attention on an obscure area, or add your own message to the map.


This map of London is extremely dense, with many labels only 2 pt. font. 

However, you can extract any area of the map you want, save it to a new file, then adjust the text and fonts to suit your new size.



Take a few moments to get some great tips for editing map text.


Want to try editing a map? Download free map samples here.

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