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Clearing Maps for Film? Map Resources Makes It Easy

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Whether you are a licensing agent for a major network or film company, or an individual filmmaker working on your own project, it's often a struggle to find the perfect props for your set.  For many sets, especially for stories that involve police work or international intrigue, maps are a crucial prop. Often the map contributes to the story in the way a more general piece of art cannot. 

Getting the exact map that suits the script can be tricky, and then you've got the thorny task of getting the proper clearances.

Map Resources solves both problems, and that is why Map Resources maps have become so popular with set designers and the folks who license props. 


Problem #1 - Finding the right map

If you're super-lucky, you may find the map you need in our extensive online stock collection.  You can buy the map online, add the Broadcast License to your order, and download the immediately.  You will have an Adobe Illustrator file that you can edit if you want, or simply print out at the size you need.

But if you don't find the right map in the stock collection, you can get Map Resources cartographers to create a custom map for you. You tell us the area you need, and the features you want, and we create a custom map in Adobe Illustrator format. The custom map service is quick and affordable, delivering most projects in less than 3 days. 


Problem #2 - Securing the broadcasting rights, at a good price

Map Resources makes licensing easy by offering a generous Broadcast License that suits the needs of film and TV producers.  With our Broadcast License, you have rights to use the map in your original production, plus all related products and materials such as advertisements, DVDs, games etc. The license is perpetual, and there's no geographic limits.

The Broadcast License has a one-time fee, with absolutely no renewals or extensions.  The fee is based on the retail price of the map file.  Broadcast fees range from $75 for a simple outline map, to $395 for our largest, most detailed world map.

Plus, if you have your own property release, you can send it to Map Resources for a quick review and signature at no extra charge.  This guarantees that any particular requirements you have are met, plus it keeps your legal department happy!

So if you need a map for a prop, check out Map Resources.  We'll help you find a great map, and make the licensing process a breeze.

To see a partial list of recent films and shows where Map Resources maps appeared, check out our Pinterest board.


Want some more maps-in-movies inspiration?  Check out these 10 films where maps play a starring role!



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