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Map Resources Releases Expanded Middle East Maps

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Exactly where to draw the boundaries of the Middle East has always been a challenge for cartographers. The area lacks the solid definition of a continent, and instead straddles 3 continents, and winds around numerous water bodies.

Most standard area definitions of the Middle East center on the Arabian peninsula, extending west to Egypt, north to Turkey and east to Iran.  But when it comes to telling the story of the contemporary Middle East, this area is woefully inadequate.


New Middle East Map Shows the Areas Designers Need

In response to numerous requests from researchers and designers working on contemporary issues, Map Resources just released a new regional map of the Middle East.

The new map encompasses a huge area, extending from Benghazi and the boot of Italy to the west, Croatia and Kazakhstan to the north, Kathmandu and Bhutan to the east, and Somalia to the south.




The Middle East map is in Adobe Illustrator format, with over 25 feature layers, including cities, highways and rivers. 





Click through to Map Resources for larger previews and list of feature layers.





The new Middle East map is available with or without terrain background. 

Plain background:

Terrain background:

Maps are available online 24/7 for purchase and immediate download.  Royalty free license.  Royalty free broadcast licenses also available.

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