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Maps Make Great Large Format Graphics

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

For trade show graphics, images are more powerful than words.

But meaningful images are hard to come by.  Particularly if you want passers by to easily comprehend them as they hurry past your booth.

This makes maps a natural choice for many marketers.  Especially iconic map images that the viewers are familiar with.  The USA, the globe, Manhattan island.  Paired with a short statement, the map can be deliver a strong message. Or create a "local color" feel that resonates with customers.

With a recognizable map, plus a simple statement, such as "Our Service Area" or  "Where We're Located", you can create a very successful trade show graphic.


Map Resources maps are super popular with large format designers and output services for 2 reasons:

1. Easy to edit.... because of our meticulously designed files, with fully editable layers, objects and text, designers can transform the map to look any way they want.  This helps you keep your graphics fresh.  You can use the same map, but when it's time to redo your message, change the colors, maybe the background, to revitalize your graphic. 

2. High quality printing.... vector format allows you to resize to any size with no loss of quality.  The lines and text print in beautiful high resolution, regardless of how large you make it.  And this is why so many printers and output services use Map Resources maps for their most demanding clients.


Get ready for your next large format project!  Download a free map sample map today.   You can test out the editing capabilities. Add your message. Try out your logo. Then send for a test print and you'll be convinced the map will help you create dazzling graphics!








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