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Creatives Make Royal Wedding Maps Fun

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

With millions of people focused on London this week for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, maps are playing a very important role.  Visitors to London and viewers around the world want to know the exact details of the royal event. And although the route is simple, there are a myriad of graphic styles used to show it. 

We collected a few of them here. Click through on your favorite for larger image.

1. Simple Map. Here's a basic map format, showing major streets and important locations along the procession route.  The image relies on the cute photo of the couple for visual interest.


2. Illustrated maps. London is teeming with classic imagery and iconic buildings, the kind of material that illustrators love.  So it's not surprising to see the royal procession depicted in fabulous illustrations.

Here's one from Clair Rossiter.

 Another from Carrie May.

3. Infographics. Here's an information-rich graphic at The Standard. It offers 3 views of the illustration, one focused on the castle, one on the chapel, and a super useful view that incorporates the schedule.  The gray and red icons control which view is displayed.  The page also has a video with map and schedule information, which is great if you're planning a good watch spot.

4. Aerial Map. A few locations and a simple line added to the Google Satellite image provides an easily absorbed map without a lot of detailed information, but enough to convey the general idea of the route.


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