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Fit Together 48 US States: With Counties and Other Features
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Fit Together 48 US States: With Counties and Other Features

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About This Map Collection

A collection of the 48 contiguous US state maps designed specifically so they will fit together like puzzle pieces. Using Adobe Illustrator's Paste in Front function makes it easy to combine maps into custom US region maps. All for for only $199!

Maps show every county county names, plus highways, cities, lakes, rivers etc. See Layes/Features for complete list of the features on these maps, each on a different Adobe Illustrator layer. All features are fully editable.


96 maps of the 48 contiguous states

- set of all 48 contiguous states to make custom regions
- 2 versions of each state: multi-color or solid color counties

View all the maps in this product.


Layered vector maps are easy to use

  • Edit place names colors lines with Adobe Illustrator 
  • Features saved in separate layers - easy to turn on or off
  • All text is font-based not outlines
  • Areas (such as counties) drawn as objects you can select
  • Royalty Free for print and web.


View Layer List - Adobe Illustrator Format

  • Cities - No Population Data
  • Cities 0-9 999
  • Cities 10 000-49 999
  • Cities 100 000-499 999
  • Cities 50 000-99 999
  • Cities 500 000+
  • Coastline
  • County Areas
  • County Boundary Lines
  • County Name Text
  • County Seat Symbols
  • Great Lakes
  • Intermediate Lakes
  • Intermediate Rivers
  • International Boundary Lines
  • Interstate Highway Numbers
  • Interstate Highway Symbols
  • Interstate Highways
  • Lake Name Text
  • Major Lakes
  • Major Rivers
  • River Name Text
  • State Areas
  • State Boundary Lines
  • State Capitals
  • State Name Text
  • State Road Numbers
  • State Road Symbols
  • State Roads
  • Toll Highway Labels
  • Toll Roads and Bridges
  • US Highways
  • US Road Numbers
  • US Road Symbols

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