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Poster Size USA Map with Counties, Cities, Interstates, and Water Features
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Poster Size USA Map with Counties, Cities, Interstates, and Water Features

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About This Map

Shows the entire USA with all 3000-plus counties. Each county is a separate object area. Also shows major cities, highways, rivers, and lakes.

In Illustrator format, each county is a separate object you can select and change the color. All text is fully editable font text (not outlines).

Dimensions about 30.5 x 20.25 in (79 x 52 cm). Perfect for large size posters or presentations.

Albers Equal Area Projection.

This map is also included in our Premier USA - High Detail collection, including maps of the USA and all 50 states.

If you need a map like this one showing a different area please contact our Custom Mapping Services.

Adobe Illustrator Layer List on This Map

  • Boundary Case
  • Cities 100 000-499 999
  • Cities 50 000-99 999
  • Cities 500 000+
  • City - County Name Text
  • Coastline
  • Country Areas
  • Country Name Text
  • County Areas
  • County Boundary Lines
  • County Name Text
  • Great Lakes
  • Inset Boundary Case
  • Inset Cities 100 000-499 999
  • Inset Coastline
  • Inset Country Name Text
  • Inset County Areas
  • Inset County Boundary Lines
  • Inset County Name Text
  • Inset International Boundary Lines
  • Inset Island Name Text
  • Inset Legend
  • Inset Major Lakes
  • Inset Major Rivers
  • Inset State Areas
  • Inset State Capitals
  • Inset State Name Text
  • Intermediate Lakes
  • International Boundary Lines
  • Interstate Highway Numbers
  • Interstate Highway Symbols
  • Interstate Highways
  • Lake Name Text
  • Legend
  • Major Lakes
  • Major Rivers
  • National Capitals
  • River Name Text
  • State Areas
  • State Boundary Lines
  • State Capitals
  • State Name Text
  • Toll Roads and Bridges

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