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Terrain Maps - with High Res Photoshop Background

Terrain Maps are made of two linked map files: 

A High Resolution Photoshop Terrain Background Image:

The Photoshop file with the "Background Relief Image" shows shaded relief terrain. This is a separate, linked high-res Photoshop image file, 300 ppi in 4-channel CMYK color. This Photoshop file can be opened and modified using and version of Adobe Photoshop. The CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) channels show the color tints, and the K (black) channel shows the hill shading. Each channel can be modified separately in Photoshop to give a wide variety of map styles and appearances.


With Adobe Illustrator Vector Map Line and Text Features: 

The Adobe Illustraor vector file has all the area, line, and text features.  Each class of feature is in a separate layer (all state borders in one layer, all river names in another layer, etc). 

All area colors and strokes are fully editable - all line specs are fully editable - and all text is fully editable font text (not outlines) so you can change font family, style, color, etc.

Note:  You need Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher to open the full Terrain map.


We offer two collections of Terrain Maps:

Premier USA
plus Terrain - $499

Includes maps of the USA and all 50 US States



Premier International
plus Terrain - $599

Includes maps of the World, Continents and Regions


Download and Try Out a Sample Terrain Map - South America

Open the sample map with Adobe Illustrator, and be sure the Layers Palette is visible.  Try turning layers on and off, modify text fonts and line styles.  Using Photoshop you can open the linked high resolution PSD file and see how it’s layered:  The K (black) channel contains Shaded Relief and CMY channels contain Color Elevation. Try some of the standard Photoshop image Adjustment tools such as Levels and Contrast. 

Download a sample Terrain map.


NOTE: This sample is for evaluation only. For other uses you can purchase this map online

We have hundreds of terrain maps, but if you need one showing a different area please contact our Custom Mapping Services.