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Cartesia Software / MapArt is Now Map Resources.

What Happened to MapArt and Cartesia Software?

We changed our name from Cartesia Software to Map Resources.

The names Cartesia Software and MapArt have been synonymous with high quality, editable digital maps in vector format since 1986. But you may not have heard that Cartesia Software changed its name and its product names.

If you're like most designers you probably have a number of questions. Does Cartesia Software still exist? Are the renowned MapArt software products still available? Are there upgrades available? The names have changed, but the products remain better than ever with upgrades available to users.

"Cartesia Software" changed its name to "Map Resources" on January 1, 2000. The company stopped using the product name MapArt and the web site. There was no change in ownership, staff, phone, etc.

All registered customers of Cartesia Software are now registered customers of Map Resources and have full rights to its free product support. 

For information about updating your products, please contact Map Resources directly at 609-397-1611, or email us at