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Custom Services: Contour Maps

Map Resources can produce a Contour Map for any area in the world.

You can specify:  area, projection, map features and size, plus the contour interval.

Contour maps are delivered as layered Illustrator (AI) vector files providing you with the flexibility and the versatility you may need to accomplish your design goals.

Please call us at 800-334-4291 to confer with us about your project.


Royalty Free License

Cost includes Map Resources Standard Royalty Free License. You are permitted to use the maps for most print, web, broadcast and electronic media. The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals, and no production limits.


Test Out a Sample Contour Map - South America

Open the sample map with Adobe Illustrator and evaluate the map features and layers.  All features on the map are fully editable layers you can turn on or off. Contour intervals are complete objects so you can select and modify the color of the interval, etc. All lines are fully editable. All text is fully editable font (not outlines). Download the South American with Contours map.

South America with Contours

Download sample file of
South America with Contours






Cost Estimates for Contour Maps

Contour maps are very complex. In fact, these maps are our most time consuming projects.  Cost depends on three factors:  size of the area, number of contour intervals, and whether the contour intervals are shown as boundary lines or if each interval is also a separate, editable area you and select and modify (color).

Contour Country and Region maps start at $800.

Contour World maps start a $3300.

Ordering a Contour Map

Maps are produced in 7 to 10 business days.  Exact price and schedule are included in our proposal. Get a proposal.


To contact Map Resources about your project:

Please call or email as indicated below, and tell us your name, email, and a brief description of the map area(s) you need:

   • Call us Toll-Free in the US & Canada at 1-800-334-4291
   • Or call from any location: +609-397-1611
   • Or email us at:


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