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Custom Map Services - from Proposal to Delivery

Step 1:  Contact Map Resources!

We can respond fastest if you send us all of the information requested below via email. That should let us get back to you with a quote for the cost and time for production of your map.

The best way to explain your area is to:

Email us a screen shot/capture showing the area you need (Don't worry about showing the exact street detail you need - Just focus on capturing your area). You can use Yahoo or Google maps, then zoom and adjust the window size to show just the area you need, then do a screen capture.  

If possible, please also include another screen shot or image - or a written description - of the features and detail you'd like your map to show. For example do you need county areas? Zip Code areas? Just major highways and roads? All local streets with names?

Or, if you have a photo of a map showing the area / features, send that instead.

The more info you can send us, the quicker we can get to a firm quote to make the map you need.

    In your email, please also include the following.

    Your contact information such as email and/or phone (with a good time to call).

    Map Size: If specific map dimensions are required, for example for a printed project, please provide the dimensions in inches or cm. In our proposal, we assume our standard scale unless otherwise indicated.


    Step 2: We email you our proposal.

    Once we review the map area, features, and size, we will email you a proposal for your review.  The proposal will include the cost and delivery date, as well as links to download a sample file in Adobe Illustrator format which will show you the style and layers we will use.  You can also use the sample file to see the editability that will be built into your map, allowing you to change all color fills, line specifications, and type fonts.


    Step 3:  Order.

    Download the Custom Map Order Form. Complete the form and FAX to 1-609-751-9378.

    In addition to payment by credit card, we can invoice you via Pay Pal.

    Upon receipt of your order, we will email you a confirmation, with anticipated delivery date.


    Step 4:  Map Delivery!

    We move onto final map production. We usually deliver the final map within 3 to 5 business days from receipt of approval.

    For relatively small and simple maps, rush service is available as quickly as 24 hours.