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Map Resources Extended License Info

For projects that exceed the limits of our standard RF license, we offer Extended Licenses with reasonable, fixed licensing fees and a simple purchasing process.  Extended Licenses are granted on a perpetual basis, with a one-time fee, no renewals required, and no production or distribution limits.

You can purchase Extended Licenses for individual maps or entire map collections.  Prices are shown in the license options for each product, and can be purchased online at the original time of purchase.  You can also add an Extended License to any product already purchased. Contact Map Resources for information by email.


Extended Licenses  

Electronic Use

Permits a maps to be used in an electronic product or service, software program, app, e-book, online curriculum, hand-held device, news service, phone network.

Resale Product

Permits a map to be used in a resale product where the map is a primary element such as an atlas, print, poster, bulletin board, whiteboard, puzzle, or any other product where the map is prominent and other elements are incidental. Note: If the map is an incidental element of a resale product, an Extended License is not required.


Permits a map to be used for broadcast productions, including TV, movie, theatrical and videos.  Grants rights to use in original production, plus all related products and materials such as advertisements, DVDs.  Company releases signed on submission at no extra charge. Send releases to or FAX to 609-751-9378.

See Extended Use License or Download PDF.