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Now, at Map Resources, you can get digital maps of any area of the world.  Purchase maps online 24/7, then download immediately.  We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.  All prices are in US dollars.


Modify Maps with Adobe Illustrator

Map Resources maps are in Adobe Illustrator/PDF format.  You can open and edit the map, then print or send to a commercial print service.  Because they are vector format, the maps print beautifully at any size, with no loss of resolution.

- All Features are in layers that you can turn on or off. Map features are saved in layers, which makes it easy to turn features on or off so you get to choose which features to include. Up to 75 layers per map, and every one can be manipulated independently. This allows us to provide a wealth of feature layers, without burdening the final map image.

- All Areas are complete objects you can select and modify. Every geographic area (eg countries, states, counties) is a separate object you can select and edit. This makes it easy to highlight specific states, geographic regions, cities, or provinces with color or fill patterns. Or create a custom area by selecting a group of objects and copying to new file.

- All Lines are fully editable. Every line on a map (eg road, boundary, river) can be edited. You can change color, line width, line style. If you want a dashed boundary, it's simple to create one.

- All Text is fully editable font text (not outlines). Text is font-based, so it's easy to change the font size and style. You can use your own choice of fonts. You can also add text with your own messaging.

- Vector Format for perfect printing. Vector format ensures a high-resolution printout, regardless how much you enlarge the image.

- Beautiful Terrain maps. High-res Photoshop file shows shaded relief terrain. Terrain in the background of the map file, with editable vector layers on top.

- Download a sample map to see how they work!


Download a sample map, open with Adobe Illustrator, and explore the editing potential and print quality.

Watch map editing tips


When you purchase a map from Map Resources you automatically receive the Royalty-Free License. This is the standard license that most users need, and is included in the price of the product.  This license covers most uses in business, graphic design, and advertising.  There is no need to submit any additional license forms or fees. The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals and no production limits.

For projects that exceed the limits of our standard RF license, we offer Extended Licenses with reasonable licensing fees and a simple online purchase option.  Extended Licenses are granted on a perpetual basis, with a one-time fee, no renewals required, and no production or distribution limits.

All purchases are covered by our unconditional, 30-day, money back guarantee.

If you can't find the map you need, email us for assistance