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Use a Map to Find Perfect Fall Foliage

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Autumn is here, and naturally, the question pops up about the best options for viewing foliage.  When will the leaves in my area change? When will they peak?

Or, if you're planning a fall peepers trip, where should I go, and when is the best weekend?

Here is the best map source we found for answering those questions. 

The map is offered by, a travel site for the Smokies, but it contains foliage information for the entire country.  Slide the date bar, see the colors change, and make your plans! 

The Smokey Mountain site also contains great background info on other aspects of fall foliage - the science of color, photosynthesis, plants in winter, plus this lovely quote from Albert Camus.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

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