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Celebrate GIS DAY!

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

The first GIS day was celebrated way back in 1999.  Inspired by none other than Ralph Nader, Jack Dangermon, the founder of ESRI, decided to start a grass-roots "event" that people around the world can participate in. 

And that's what they did!  ESRI now offers a site for any GIS team to register their event, and displays an interactive world map with hundreds of events.

The purpose of GIS day is introduce people to geography and GIS by highlighting the real-world projects that are making a difference throughout society.

Go to the map to see what's happening in your area!


Start Planning for Next Year

Do you have a GIS project you'd like to introduce to folks? Perhaps you're an educator working on Geography curriculum. Or a local planner with a park project. You can create some real excitement about your work with a GIS event.

Start planning now. Next year, GIS day will be held on Wednesday, November 18.

There are numerous resources from ESRI to help hosts organize and promote their event, including posters, videos, and age-appropriate activities.  And it's all very high-quality and totally free.


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