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Maps-R-Us! Gift List #2!

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Last week we presented map books, but here we compiled a list to of truly unexpected map items to help you locate a unique gift for your map enthusiast.

Everybody knows someone who is passionate about maps. Maybe it’s because maps evoke ideas of travel, discovery and adventure. Whatever it is, a lot of people like maps for more than the rudimentary role of getting from one place to another.

World Map Fleece

Who does't love a cozy blanket?  Especially one with a beautiful map printed on it? This World Map Fleece even includes a hood, and comes in 2 sizes, adult and child.



Scratch Off Maps

Everyone has at least one traveling enthusiast on their gift list, and Scratch Off Maps provide a fun way to record travels. Travelers can use the map to show where they've been, or where they plan to go.   Scratch Maps maps make travel planning and dreaming more fun. There are many world map choices, including maps with flags, capitols, interesting graphics.  USA with National Parks also available.


Musical Map of the USA

An awful lot of geographical references appear in popular music, and this map cleverly displays them in their proper locations.  The map is meticulously researched, with over 1,000 music titles included. Some are very well known and others more obscure, which gives the map a lot of depth. It's loads of fun to look at this map because it conjures up all sorts of great tunes and nostalgic memories.  Even if you don't need the map, check out the samples on their web site, and have some fun checking out your favorite regions!


Map Socks & Yoga Pants

These final items are for only the most extreme map people, those who are not afraid of showing their map love!  Yoga pants and mens socks. Not sure why they specify men only.  If you can get the sizing right, I'm sure there are women who could rock these socks!  Men's map socks.

 World Map Yoga Pants Way to start a good conversation at yoga class!



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