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Cartographic Events for 2019

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Naturally, traveling appeals to people working in the fields of geography and cartography.  That might be why there are so many conference options for GIS and map making professionals.  And why they always seem to be held in interesting places.

We compiled a list of the major geography-related events planned for 2019. 

#1 February

Coming up first is the International Map Fair.  It's being held in Miami on February 2-3, and what's not to like about that?  

The International Map Fair is targeted at map collectors, and boasts the largest collection of professional map dealers in the Americas. It's a great place to acquire antique and other specialized maps, but also great fun for just viewing these precious maps. The experience is rounded out with the program offered by map and collecting experts.


#2 & #3 July

July offers 2 major events, the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, and the ICC Cartographic Conference in Tokyo.

The ICC (International Cartographic Conference) event is multi-faceted event covering a dazzling array of cartography-related topics, ranging from "Children and Cartography" to "AI, Robotics, Autonomous Cars and Mapping."  For those who like to get outside, don't miss the Orienteering event at Shiokaze Park.

ICC offers scholarships to support individuals in advancing their career in cartography and GIScience to the benefit of the ICA community.


Anyone working in the field of GIS has probably heard of, or perhaps attended, the ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) User Conference, held annually in San Diego, where ESRI is located.

Billed as "Your front row seat to the next big thing in GIS", the conference really is an inspirational experience for GIS business professionals, government agency representatives, academics and students working in widely diverse fields.  The conference showcases a multitude of GIS related sessions, exhibits, and training sessions, so absolutely no one is left out.  Plus there's a great party at the end!


#4 October

The program is still in the early planning stages, but the annual OSM (Open Street Map) conference State Of The Map 2019 will take place in Heidelberg, Germany on September 21, 22 & 23.  This conference is great way to get involved in the cutting edge wiki mapping work being done at OSM.


Besides these events, there are loads of other map-related events planned for 2019.  See the calendar at the GIS Lounge.

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