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Using Adobe Illustrator to Edit Vector Maps - 3 Part Series

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

The Importance of being Editable

"Editable" perfectly characterizes the most important aspect of Map Resources maps.  And that is the ability of users to edit, ie, change, modify, transform the maps into exactly the image they need.

We’ve all seen the map of the United States thousands of times.  However, the message of any map depends on what features are shown.  One map may be showing the agricultural output of states, while another may be showing wildfire locations.  And another map will show the distribution of a corporation’s locations. The possibilities are endless.

By using colors, adding graphics or icons, graphic designers can make the map image their own, and communicate exactly what they, or their client wants to convey.

Getting accustomed to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an extremely complex program, loaded with mind boggling capabilities.  However, even AI beginners who barely skim the surface of the program can edit maps because the tools they need are very simple.

In this series, we'll review the basics of editing Map Resources vector maps, focusing on the AI tools - layers, objects, text.  We'll illustrate the actions so the process is super clear, then you can download a sample map file and try it yourself.

Start here with a quick overview, then tune in for more instructions soon.


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