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Google Maps Wants to Help You Cope With July 4 Traffic

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

To many of us, Independence Day means bbq, picnics, fireworks, and... traffic!

And this year, AAA is predicting record-breaking levels of traffic across the country. They project that nearly 40 million people will be on the road for the holiday, which is more than 5 percent more than last year, and the highest number since AAA began tracking holiday travel 18 years ago. 

One reason for the high car traffic is the mid-week holiday.  The Wednesday holiday gives fewer people the opportunity for a long weekend, and limits them to local festivities.  Thus the crush for local highways as people head to the local beaches, lakes, fireworks displays.

To help time your driving, Google Maps has compiled traffic data and created a table of peak traffic expected during the 4 day period around the 4th of July.  Find your city, then look for the best days and times to avoid the peak periods.



Thank you, Google Maps!

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