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Father's Day This Weekend - Mappy Gift Ideas for Dads!

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Does Dad like maps?  Then how about expanding his horizons with a mappy gift for Father's Day?

Here are a few ideas we "unearthed" for your consideration...

Lots of dads like golf, and often entertain notions of playing the very best courses. If this sounds like your dad, why not give him a chance to fantasize about the next golf trip with this beautiful map? The map shows the location of all the premier golf courses throughout the US.


Maybe your dad is more of a soccer fan.  The World Cup is starting this week, and Atlas of Football is sure to give dad some interesting background info on the teams and major players as he's watching them on TV.  The atlas uses a unique illustration style to marry cartography with illustrations of major players.


How about a nice set of beer glasses, with an etched map of Dad's college town? He gets to reminisce about his college days while enjoying a nice brew.

For dads that like sharing games with the family, get a wooden puzzle of and area that is special to him.  Maps can be made for any address, so you can make a puzzle of the family neighborhood, or perhaps a favorite vacation spot.

Some people still say you can't go wrong with cuff links for Dad.  Even better if they have maps on them!


Want something even more singular for your exceptional dad? 

ETSY offers a great variety of personalized map gifts.  Great fun to explore.

Happy Father's Day!



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