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Holiday Gift Guide for the Map Lover on Your List

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Everybody knows someone who is passionate about maps. And I don’t mean just cartographers. I mean people who pick up a map like it’s a treasure. Like it holds precious information or a special meaning.

Maybe it’s because maps appeal to spatial thinkers, or maybe maps evoke ideas of travel, discovery and adventure. Whatever it is, a lot of people like maps for more than the rudimentary role of getting from one place to another.

We compiled a list to help you find the perfect map-related gift for your map enthusiast.

#1 City Map Coloring Book

Aimed at adults, this book contains accurate, bird’s eye view maps for 40 major cities. Besides the coloring fun and relaxation, you get to familiarize yourself with city streets. A great idea for someone headed to a new city and wants to be well oriented when they arrive.

#2 Children Map the World

For a younger map lover, consider this inspirational publication. It's published by ESRI, known mostly for bringing GIS into the world, and shows a fabulous collection of maps created by children all over the globe. The maps and drawings convey powerful messages and emotions that reflect the competition's theme, “My Place in Today's World.”

#3 State Map Dish Towels

One of my favorites! A useful item for any map lover with a kitchen, a flair for kitsch and a special affection for their home state. Available from Uncommon gifts, a company offering unique products.

Also available for cities.

#4 Mova Levitating Globes

Globes never go out of style, especially when they move!  With Mova Globes, you get Levitation + Rotation, a completely mesmerizing combination. These are small, desktop size, so it’s easy to find a great spot for maximum viewing. Available in an array of beautiful styes.

#5 Custom Map Umbrella

No matter where the rain is falling, you can get an umbrella that maps it! This ETSY shop makes umbrellas from maps - you just tell them what area you want to show. A great gift that will brighten rainy days for someone on your gift list.


More Map Options

Still haven't found the right gift? Go to Uncommon Goods, where you'll find loads of custom map options that you can personalize for your location of your choice. … shower curtains, key rings, ornaments, puzzles and more...

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