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Summer + Maps... Perfect Together

Posted by Barbara Fordyce on

Summer 2016 is underway, and lots of people are setting out for summer vacation.

If your plans include a visit to a national park, be sure to take a look at this website, with maps of every national park.

This amazing resource has maps of major parks like Yosemite and Grand Canyon, but it doesn't stop there.  The site contains over 1,000 maps, from nearly every state (no national parks in Delaware, sorry) and some US Territories (eg American Samoa).

In addition to general park maps, there are specialized maps providing details on  activities such as hiking trails, backcountry areas, fishing areas, canoe trails. swimming beaches, hot springs, winter camping and more. 

There's a handy list of parks by state, so it's easy to identify places near you. 

This is really an amazing resource, and it's all free.  Even if you don't have a trip planned this summer, it's fun to look at the maps!

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