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USA Maps with Terrain

All Map Resources Terrain Maps are made of two linked map files: 

A High Resolution Photoshop Terrain Background Image:

The Photoshop file with the "Background Relief Image" shows shaded relief terrain. This is a separate, linked high-res Photoshop image file, 300 ppi in 4-channel CMYK color. This Photoshop file can be opened and modified using and version of Adobe Photoshop. The CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) channels show the color tints, and the K (black) channel shows the hill shading. Each channel can be modified separately in Photoshop to give a wide variety of map styles and appearances.

With Adobe Illustrator Vector Map Line and Text Features: 

The Adobe Illustrator vector file has all the area, line, and text features.  Each class of feature is in a separate layer (all state borders in one layer, all river names in another layer, etc). All area colors and strokes are fully editable - all line specs are fully editable - and all text is fully editable font text (not outlines) so you can change font family, style, color, etc.

Download a Terrain Sample Map.  Note: You need Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher to open the full Terrain map.

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