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Custom Services: Point-of-Interest (POI) Maps

Put Your Point-of-Interest Locations on the Map!

Map Resources can produce a map showing your Point of Interest (POI) locations. You simply send us your GIS Shapefile or MS Office Excel file (with latitude and longitude - decimal degrees preferred - or address information for each point of interest), and we can overlay your location symbols on the map. 

We can add your POI names, or reference numbers if you need to identify the POIs on your map individually. 

We can also provide an "A-B-C / 1-2-3" index grid for the map, and associated list of the labels with their location on the map.  For example "POI #1 ...  B4" means that POI #1 can be found in map grid cell B4. The Index is provided as a separate text document (txt), so you have flexibility on how you format your Index.

We can start with a map from our stock map collection, or if you need an exact custom area we can make the background map for you as a custom map project

If you have a number of different classifications of POIs (for example restaurants, hotels, and museums) we can put them on using differnet symbols - and put them in separate Adobe Illustrator layers.


Cost & Delivery for Custom POI Maps

Point-of-Interest Maps start at the cost of the map itself, plus $100 for each layer with up to 100 locations in each layer, and $50 for each additional 100 locations.  For example if you have 150 locations in two layers (say 75 in each layer), the cost is $200. If you have 150 locations in one layer the cost is $150.  If you have over 500 POI locations please call for a quote, as we can discount somewhat for larger quantities.

Maps are delivered in 5 to 7 business days, in layered Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector format, providing you with the flexibility to alter the map in any way you need to accomplish your design goals.

Cost includes Map Resources Standard Royalty Free License, allowing you to use the maps for most print, web, broadcast and electronic media. The license has no expiration date or production limits.  You can also add an Extended Use License to any Location Map.


Request a Proposal Today

Complete the form below to request a quote. Use the Comment section to supply details about the map your need. Or call us at 609-397-1611.  We'll follow up with a detailed quote with price and anticipated delivery schedule.


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