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Custom Map Services: US County Overview Maps

County Map with Highways & Major Roads - $299

Our US County Overview Maps show an entire county, cut at the county border, with lakes, rivers, Highways, US Roads, State Roads and Major Streets labeled in 6-point type for maximum legibility and a clean, unobstructed appearance. Also included are all Local Street lines, but only the longer, rural streets are labeled - Local Streets in dense downtown areas are not labeled.

Map also includes major land area features such as airports, parks, golf courses, shopping malls, military bases, etc.

Cost includes Map Resources Standard Royalty Free License.  You are permitted to use the map for most print, web, broadcast and electronic media.  The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewal fees, and no production limits.

Maps are typically  made at 18-24 inches and are cut to the county boundary - but we can make them at any size, and also include portions of adjacent counties (at additional cost). Most US counties are priced at $299.   Typical delivery time is 3 business days.

Very large counties may need to be made at a larger size, and cost up to $499.



Harris County, TX Overview Map

Harris County, TX
with Highways & Major Roads

Download Sample County Map with Highways and Major Roads


Additional Features Available

The following additional features are available for all US counties.  Note that for counties over 2,000 square miles prices may be higher than indicated here. Typical delivery time is 5 business days.



We can add all local street names.  If you need a map showing all local streets, we can add them to your county map as follows:

Add local street NAMES: +$200 ($499 total)

NOTE: To avoid overlapping Local Street Names we will need to make the map at about 2x the size, or place the names in very small (2 pt) text size. 


Map Text Index and/or Key Numbering. 

We can create an A-B-C / 1-2-3 index grid for the map, and associated list of the text labels (such as street names, parks, etc) with their location on the map.  For example "Main St ...  B4" means that Main Street can be found in map grid cell B4. The Index is provided as a separate text document (txt), so you have flexibility on how you format your Index.  
Cost: varies with area, typically from $50 for under 10 square miles to $250 or more for very large areas.
We can also add key numbering, where street names that do not fit on the map due to space constraints or long names on short roads.  These key numbers are then included in the index, and a separate key number index is created, to identify the streets.

We can add 5 digit zip code areas to any County Overview map.  Each zip code area will be a separate, editable object, you can select and modify.  Each area will be labeled with its 5 digit zip code number and name. 

Add Zip Code Areas, Numbers & Names: +$100
OTHER MAP FEATURES - Towns, Contours, Terrain, etc

For most areas we can also add: city areas; township and ranges; school district areas; educational institution locations, land use / land cover image, contour lines, etc; please call or email if you need any other features.  

Adding a shaded relief terrain image is also possible, though this roughly doubles the cost, because it is an entirely separate process, which must then be matched to the vector features in the Adobe Illustrator map.  Here is a sample Los Angeles Map with Terrain Background.  Please call or email for pricing.



We can also geo-code your own custom locations (from street address and zip code data in a spreadsheet) and add them to your map. Pricing varies with number of locations.  Please call or email us for a quote.  

Typical pricing is $100 for up to 100 locations in the first class / layer, $50 per additional 100 or each additional class / layer.  For example if you have 150 locations in two classes, that would be $100 for the first 100 points and first class / layer + $50 (for the second 100 locations) + $50 (for the second class / layer) for a total of $200.



If you need more than one adjacent county map we can create them all at the same scale and projection, so you will be able to put them together into a single map.

If you order 2 or 3 county maps, we offer a 15% discount.
If you order 4 or 5 county maps, we offer a 25% discount.
If you need more than 5 please call for discount pricing.



If you need an area that is not based on a county - for example an area based on a neighborhood, park, lake, airport, or any area you define - please see our other custom map options.


Ordering a County Overview Map.

Maps are produced in 5 to 7 business days.
To order, download County Map Order Form.
Or, call 609-397-1611.  We accept all major credit cards.









Story County, IA
with local streets and local street names.

Download Sample County Map with all Local Streets and Local Street Names



Test Out a Sample County Overview Map

County maps are delivered as layered Illustrator (AI) vector files providing you with the flexibility and the versatility you need

Download and open the above sample maps with Adobe Illustrator to evaluate the map’s features and layers. All features on the map are fully editable. City areas are complete objects so you can add or change color fills. All lines are fully editable. All text is fully editable font text (not outlines).

You will need Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or later) to open and work with these maps.


Need a single map of the USA showing all 3,000+ Counties?

See all our USA maps with every county drawn as a separate object.


Royalty Free License

Cost includes Map Resources Standard Royalty Free License. You are permitted to use the maps for most print, web, broadcast and electronic media. The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals, and no production limits.


To contact Map Resources about your project:

Please call or email as indicated below, and tell us your name, email, and a brief description of the map area(s) you need:

   • Or call from any location: +609-397-1611
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