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Custom Services: Region Maps

Map Resources can produce a region map showing ANY area in the world.

You can specify area, map features, map size, and projection. We can also add your office or factory locations or other locations as identified by you.

For US regions, we can produce a region map using our stock collection as a resource.  For example, we can put together up to 5 poster size state maps of your choice to make one giant map.

We can also produce Region Maps plus Terrain and Region Maps with Contours.

Region maps are delivered as layered Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector files providing you with the flexibility and the versatility you may need to accomplish your design goals.


Royalty Free License

Cost includes Map Resources Standard Royalty Free License. You are permitted to use the maps for most print, web, broadcast and electronic media. The license is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals, and no production limits.


Cost Estimate for Region Maps

Cost for a US region produced from maps in our stock collection is the cost of the stock maps plus a small fee.

Cost for a region map which we must start from scratch starts at $200, and can go up to $850 or higher for large areas with a lot of detail.


Ordering a Region Map

Maps are produced in 5 to 7 business days. Exact price and schedule is included in our proposal. Get a proposal.


To contact Map Resources about your project:

Please call or email as indicated below, and tell us your name, email, and a brief description of the map area(s) you need:

   • Call us: +609-397-1611
   • Or email us at:


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